5 Great Bloggers – And How To Emulate Them

(image credit: xkcd.com)
(image credit: xkcd.com)

When you start a blog with a view to building it into something successful and popular, it is very easy to think that the key is simply to write good content and plenty of it…

Well quite simply, that’s not the case. There are an awful lot of bloggers out there who can write very well and there simply isn’t room at the top of the ladder for them all.

No; To be a successful you need absolutely outstanding content – you need to be not just better, but different than your competitors.

Finding your unique selling point is tricky though, most people don’t really even know what they are looking for. So here is some inspiration for you: these 5 Bloggers have carved out a success in their own niche by developing a unique style to appeal to their readers.

Let’s look at what makes them stand out from the rest…


Nick Cardot @ Site Sketch 101

Sitesketch101 is one of my favourite blogs. Nick is one of the most down to earth of the big bloggers in the niche and I think people respect that. The blog is about how to be a better blog and make money blogging.

Why he’s popular:

The posts on Sitesketch101 have a really positive feel to them, Nick is all about motivating new bloggers to be successful and his posts are often inspirational and motivating.

He also encourages sharing, he gets involved in the comments section and shows his face a lot – this goes a long way to encouraging community and keeps his readers loyal. All of this has helped him to keep his readers coming back, by far one of the most important factors in building a successful site.


Michael Gray @ Wolf Howl

If you are in the SEO industry you have to check out wolf-howl.com. Michael is a veteran of the industry and it shows. His blog is focused on SEO for businesses and individuals, link building and not a lot else.

Why he’s popular:

His biggest strength is that he tells it like it is. He isn’t afraid to go against the grain – in fact he makes a habbit of questioning conventional wisdom. As I mentioned above, he is also very focused and stays on topic – so most of his posts appeal to most of his readers.

Most of his posts are quite short and to the point, which is great for his audience, who are probably pretty busy for the most part. They are also prescriptive; there are no wishy washy, theoretical posts – every post you read has a clear point and is generally actionable.


Everyone @ SEO Moz

Anyone in the SEO industry simply has to have heard of SEO Moz. They are successful for a great number of reasons, no least that they have created some really helpful tools for SEOers. But they have a blog too…

Why they are popular:

Part of the reason that it is such a popular blog is that they are really into experimenting with the nuts and bolts of SEO. Many bloggers have ideas about how SEO should work, but these guys actually test things out on their many sites, see what happens and report back their findings – whatever they may be.

The result is that SEO Moz constantly report news that noone else knows. They push the boundries and provide concrete evidence and not just conjecture. Like in this recent experiment with canonical tags.


Darren Rowse @ ProBlogger

Problogger.net is simply massive. The course Darren took to get it there was a really tough one though. Problogger publishes a new post every single day, almost without fail. Now-a-days an awful lot of this content is produced by guest authors; But early on, Darren was writing up to 20 posts in a day, refining them, chucking out the bad ones and publishing the best.

Why he’s popular:

Part of the reason for the success of this blog was simply devotion to producing large volumes of good content consistently. Another factor though was Darrens ability to build a list of subscribers and constantly convince them to come back for more.


Corbett Barr @ CorbetBarr.com

Of all the blogs in this list, corbettbarr.com is perhaps the least well known, but it is growing rapidly. Corbet Bloggs about lifestyle design and building a business online.

Why he’s popular:

The biggest factor in Corbett’s success is the trueness of his posts. He started the blog as FreePursuits and documented his own life as he quit work to follow the dream of living somewhere new and making money online.

People love personal accounts, and in many ways Corbett allowed his readers to live out their own dreams through his exploits. In doing so he has built a credibility that it is difficult to gain in today’s web. And he is constantly trying to be more honest and more real for his readers.



All of these blogs have something in common; they have found a way to offer something unique to their readers, a way of standing out and being better than other blogs in their niche. Whatever you are doing online, you need to follow their example and find your own unique style… What’s your UPS gonna be?

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