Why you should start a blog

So this is our first ever blog post… Exciting stuff I know. And what better way to start off the Gifted SEO blog than with a post about blogging? This blog is going to be all about ways to help you to promote your website(s) online, so I wanted to broach the subject of blogging, and why it’s a great idea for your website.

The pros of blogging

The Internet is a great place to sell stuff, but it’s an even better place to build relationships. Writing a blog gives you a way to offer value to your customers or visitors and value leads to loyalty.

Writing a blog is also good for SEO, it offers you a really simple way to add fresh content on a regular basis, Google loves fresh content…

How to blog well

Blogging well takes a bit of personality. You don’t need to write a post every day, or even every week; but when you do write a post, try to make it genuinely helpful. Your blog posts offer your readers a chance to get the real you…

Don’t do it for the sake of it

The most important thing about starting a blog is to mean it. If writing is a big chore for you, or if you don’t enjoy it, then you will just be wasting your time.

So if you want to start building a relationship with your customers or visitors, consider starting a blog, but also consider not starting one. There are plenty of poorly written blogs on the Internet already, but really good ones are in much shorter supply.

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